A bit about me


As a child, I had every kind of craft kit you could imagine; bead boxes, glitter, stationery sets, you name it - I lost hours creating wonderful things. Growing up as an only child on a farm in the middle of nowhere, my imagination had free reign and ran wild. Creating and making became a fundamental part of who I am and I've been fortunate to turn my passion into a career. 


I've been a professional designer for over 10 years and the thrill of seeing my ideas on paper never feels tired. 


Designing beautiful pieces for my friends' birthdays, weddings, christenings and special occasions has been something I've loved for years. For me, there is nothing better than knowing my creations meant something special to them, whether it was to cause a fleeting smile, or be treasured in a drawer forever.


Selecting a greetings card to send is a deeply personal choice, only you know the reaction that little piece of paper will get. I want to make sure that it is perfect, beautiful and has the quality to stand the test of time as a keepsake, a memory or a moment that means something.


Getting to know my clients and understanding what they want from their stationery is part of the process in crafting something as unique as the message it holds.


Welcome to what I can do for you


Whether you would like a bespoke birthday card, a hand-made Christmas card, a Save-the-Date, New Address or luxury Wedding Stationery, I can provide ideas, inspiration and attach original twist to something that means so much to you. A bespoke Grace Jackson design is original, unique, and the thought that goes into each piece means so much. 


My 'milestone' cards know no age limit so whether you want to celebrate a child's birthday, a coming-of-age or an 80th, 90th or 100th, my designs embrace every age. With over ten years of professional graphic design experience I'll provide you with a unique solution that works for any private occasion or corporate event.